For one of my Spring 2009 Art History classes, the final prompted the student to choose a manifestation of the image of Barack Obama be it literal or metaphoric and visually analyze it in a formal essay, and then produce an open-ended creative response to the object chosen for study.

After some mild deliberation, I chose this:

"A Change In Underwear We Can Believe In"

It is by an artist called Taco Werewolf.

Taco Werewolf is a brilliantly mad artist who has somehow gone largely under the radar despite his subject matter, timing (last year, before the election), and approach.

Instead of trying to summarize something so grand, I will simply point you to his website, "OTUNDERWEAR." This is short for "Obama Taco Underwear," which in turn are the three subjects of his artwork. This is his artistic statement.

Also, very notably, all of his original acrylic masonite-board "Obama Taco Underwear" paintings are for sale for an incredibly reasonable $70. Please note this for my birthday.

I wrote this paper, and made this 1 minute song. It was made with a synthesized kick drum, samples of Obama's inaugural address, a single cymbal being hit in a parking garage, a taco being eaten by myself, and a Taco Bell radio advertisement. It can be streamed below.