Who is James Nyte? James Nyte is a spirit channeling every heart that has ever been ripped apart, every detached, despondent foot fall on to cold, wet grass, every unexpected, self-perpetuating, overtly cynical feedback loop of a human existence. James Nyte has been there, he has felt that, and he has internalized and digested it. When James Nyte wakes up in the morning, how does he take his coffee? Black, I'm sure; Folger's, and he always ends up with grounds in it, somehow. Does he brush his teeth with the bags under his eyes looking ever-droopier and more pitiful in the bathroom mirror? Does his car chug to life like a life-long cigarette smoker on her deathbed? Does he have a job? Is it fulfilling? Probably not.

When was the last time you felt an intense, heavy sincerity seep out of someone? The weight of it so densely packed as if a black hole of optimism and positivity, a final white flag waved in conscious, unavoidable defeat to he world: "I Give Up." James Nyte has accepted the human world, this prickly and unfair reality, as his master. He has tried, to love, to be loved, and been let down unceremoniously, pushed out of the tallest building with a blindfold on and no parachute or safety net in sight. This failure has penetrated his entire being: whether it is just a hyper-realization accurate only in the world he sees in his own mind or it is a thing actually manifested in his every-day, his failure in love is ultimately his failure in life.

As he trudges through the remainder of his numbered days, James Nyte will attempt to hold his head high, but not too high. It's not that he actively dislikes himself; he's not self-conscious, no more so than any John or Jane. James Nyte is just a man worn and battered. With a his gravelly, wounded voice, a basic keyboard, and a green screen, he has created a work of genuinely emotive and immersive art. "In Your Dreams" is the only place James Nyte will be truly remembered, for an eternity behind closed eyes. As the syntheziser wash fades and James Nyte and his incredible, Yin-to-his-Yang co-vocalist make their final plea, you might find your heart sinking down, seemingly out of your body, into the dirt beneath as tears well in your eyes punctuated by the crashing bass notes.